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Any 7 Products Listed For $30 or $5 each product sold separately

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1. Stardust Fizzalicious Confetti Sprinkle
2. Popsicle BathBomb
3. Starfish BathBomb
4. Sunset BathBomb
5. Shark BathBomb
6. Ocean Fizzalicious Confetti Sprinkle
7. Sunrise Fizzalicious Confetti Sprinkle
8. Heart BathBomb
9. Rainforest ShowerBomb Shower Melts
10. Orbit BathBomb
11. Waffle BathBomb
12. Meteor Shower Fizzalicious Confetti Sprinkle
13. Mini BathBomb
14. Rainbow BathBomb
15. Summer BathBomb
16. Avocado BathBomb
17. Dream Weaver Whipped Soap
18. Cloud BathBomb
19. Butterfly BathBomb
20. Chocolate Coco Lip Balm
21. Moon BathBomb
22. Multiverse BathBomb
23. Chocolate BathBomb
24. Paradise Body Cream
25. Cupcake BathBomb


Relaxation for your bathing pleasure.
Fill the bath with warm water to your desired level.
Place The Delicious Co. Bathbomb Fizz in water.

Perfect Gift Box or Stocking Stuffer. Loads of Fun. Spa Days for Days!

Soak up the calming energy as the bath fizz fizzes away, colouring the water, while a light scent infuses the air with a fruity fragrance, for a fun and soothing bath.

Handmade in Toronto, Canada by The Delicious Co.
Safe and 99.9% Natural
Ingredients sourced in Canada
Safe for children aged 18 months and over
Colour Safe
Made for Sensitive Skin
Premium Quality Product
Lightly Scented

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Water, Fragrance Oils, Colour.

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